Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My MAC Lipstick Collection

Hey girls, so over the past few days I thought I would go a head and post my MAC lipstick collection. I did a video into two parts. One for the regular MAC lipsticks which is part one, and then one for the limited edition shades that I own which is part two.

Some of the lipsticks I talked about in part two have just become permanent or are permanent shades that are in limited edition packaging. So I hope you enjoy both videos and leave a comment below with which color is your favorite MAC lipstick!

MAC Lipstick in Toying Around

Hey everyone I wanted to save this baby for last because this is my new favorite lipstick right now! This lipstick is also from the MAC's Playland collection and this is in the shade Toying Around. It was the only lipstick that had really caught my eye from this collection so I just had to pick it up!

Toying Around is considered a hot coral pink which has a amplified finish to it. I don't see much pink when it comes to this lipstick. It is for sure a coral but I would say its more on the orange/red side verses the pink side. This lipstick is also very opaque and looks flawless on the lips. It is going to be that perfect shade for this upcoming summer.

I would give this lipstick a A+ as well. Let me know what items you picked up from the Playland collection!

MAC Lipstick in Red Balloon

Hey loves, I have a couple exciting post today regarding a couple of the new MAC Lipsticks from the Playland Collection. I only ended up picking up two lipsticks from this collection, and both shades that I picked are amazing! The first one I am going to be showing you is Red Balloon. 

Red Balloon is considered a hot fuchsia which has an amplified finish. The pigmentation of this lipstick is amazing. It is very opaque so you only need to swap it on your lips once for that beautiful color. It applies smoothly and doesn't dry out your lips or anything. It is a bright red with a hint of magenta. I am so happy I picked this lipstick up because it is seriously so beautiful.
Overall I would give this lipstick a A+ rating.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Too Faced Perfect Flush Blush in Something About Berry

Hey girls, I have another post on the Too Faced Flush Blush and this is in the shade Something About Berry. I feel like I was so late on getting these because I feel like everyone bought these such a long time ago, but I am so so happy I finally picked this one up as well. 

Something About Berry is the perfect pink blush. When you mix them all together you get this beautiful mid tone pink with a hint of that magenta color which is where the berry comes from. I love how this blush gives that perfect glow as well and makes your cheeks look so beautiful and glowy. It does have a hint of shimmer which works wonderfully on your cheeks. 

I was also able to get this baby on sale for $15.00 during Ulta's sale. Honestly I don't know what took so long for me to purchase these blushes because they are amazing.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Too Faced Sweet Heart Blush in Peach Beach

Hey loves today I have an exciting post on the Too Faced Sweet Heart Flush Blush in Peach Beach. I had been eyeing these blushes ever since they were released and during Ulta's beauty deals, I ended up picking up two of the blushes for $15.00. I was so excited to see that they were on sale. 

Peach Beach is honestly the prettiest blush I have ever seen. It has the perfect peach glow and it is going to look amazing on the cheeks during the summer since it will give you almost a tan affect since I am so pale. It has three different shades which I swatched each for you so you can see the pigmentation of each. I also can not get over how freaking cute the packaging is. Too Faced really does have some of the best packaging I have ever seen.

I know I will be wearing this blush a ton this summer and I highly recommend it to you guys as well! If you own this blush, do you love it as much as I do?